New Delivery, now also electric:

Brazilian engineering, global innovation

• Model will start operating for strategic clients over the next year
• Ideal for urban deliveries, vehicles have up to 200 kilometers of autonomy
• Model hits the market to supply the segments of green logistics, zero emissions and circulation in low-noise places
• Brazilian technology just gained the global spotlight at the Innovation Day, an event organized by the holding Volkswagen Truck & Bus, in Germany

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus presents at Fenatran the first 100% electric truck for this category that was fully developed in Brazil. The e-Delivery’s destiny is already decided: It will start operating for strategic clients over the next year.

With technology tailor-made for emerging countries, showing that the New Delivery was “born” ready to satisfy global technology standards, the vehicle brings state-of-art solutions like smart systems to adjust battery demand depending on the operation and also to recover power from braking with the Kers concept.

The e-Delivery may reach up to 200 kilometers of autonomy depending on the vehicle's application and setting. The e-Delivery will be available on 9 and 11 ton models, depending on the client’s needs.

State-of-art technology for zero emission

The powertrain, exclusive for traction in commercial vehicles, was developed in partnership with Eletra. It is equipped with the new electric engine WEG AL160, which delivers 80 kW (109 hp) power, with maximum torque of 493 Nm and automatic transmission by Allison. It also features LiFePO4 lithium-ion battery banks – all this, with zero emission and extremely low noise level to improve comfort in urban delivery of goods.

Aligned with the market’s reality, the model offers two recharging options: Quick recharge, with which it is possible to ensure 30% of the battery in only 15 minutes and can be performed several times along the vehicle’s route to increase its autonomy; and slow recharge, which takes three hours to reach maximum charge.

The batteries in plug-in concept vehicles are recharged by a CSS-standard external charger. Its operation is very simple and widespread in the segment of electric vehicles.

Smart systems to optimize application

The e-Delivery also features a 3-stage regenerative brake, which can be adjusted according to battery condition or driver’s preference. The regenerative brake is actuated before the pneumatic brake to slow down the vehicle, recovering up to 30% of the power during braking and using the same energy to recharge the batteries.

The vehicle also features the Eco-Drive Mode system, which reduces the consumption of battery depending on the vehicle’s battery condition, adjusting the battery’s current demand according with the vehicle’s operation condition.

In addition to making batteries last longer, it also means longer service life for the brake system. All information on energy regeneration is available on the instrument panel, which just as the interior design, follows the global standard for Volkswagen Group’s electric vehicles line.

Each detail of this project was designed to deliver performance superior to the solutions available in the market. The engine’s settings offer maximum torque even at low rotations to optimize urban operations. And its robust powertrain is prepared to be started in ramps of up to 25% and slopes of up to 30% without any difficulties, aided by Allison’s six-speed automatic transmission’s performance.

Electrical engines, independent from the drive engine, are responsible for the auxiliary systems such as air compressor, air conditioning, steering and water pumps, optimizing the main engine’s drive capacity. Shafts, suspension, chassis, wheels and tires follow the traditional characteristics and inherit all the robustness of the new Delivery line, sharing components in common with the platform.

Tailor-made applications

With the new e-Delivery, MAN LA offers the market a unique product in its segment, 100% developed with Brazilian engineering, with adequate dimensions for urban freight operation, ideal for big centers. The vehicle hits the market to satisfy the requirements of green logistics, zero emissions and circulation in low-noise places.

Launch from the light to extra heavy

MAN Latin America hits Fenatran with the highest number of highlights in its history

MAN Latin America presents the prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor, in addition to the New Delivery family, including its electric version
• Meet the new Robustness package, debuting in VW Constellation line, with tailor-made options for various applications combining more robustness and reduced cost without giving up comfort
• Over 40 VW and MAN static and test-drive vehicles will be present in the big exhibition

With the highest number of new products in its history, with attractions from light to extra heavy segments, MAN Latin America hits the 21st edition of Fenatran, the International Road Cargo Transport Show – which will be held from October 16 to 20, 2017, at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

The New Delivery family makes its global debut and presents the e-Delivery, its electric member, which will start operating in the country's roads for strategic clients over the next year.
Among extra heavies, the spotlight is on the prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor, which celebrates the synergy of the VW Truck & Bus group by combining MAN’s modern chassis and engine and the renowned Constellation cabin in the same vehicle, part of an entirely new project conceived from a partnership between the Brazilian and German engineering departments. Aimed at sugarcane and forestal operations.

The Constellation line also brings other novelties to increase production with the new 8x2 versions, in addition to the Robustness package, which combines robustness and the best purchase value for several applications, and debuts among vocational trucks Compactor, Constructor and Sugarcane.

For sensitive and optimized load, like 30 pallets, the big new deal is the VW Constellation 25.420 6x2 Tractor with complete pneumatic suspension. “Comfort” and “drivability” are the keywords for this model, which arrives with shorter wheel base, serving the 30 pallets segment with the same fuel tank capacity as the famous VW Constellation 25.420 6x2.

The MAN TGX 29.480 Crossover states its presence with the best solution for mixed roads (asphalt and dirt), which challenge robustness and flexibility.

Prototype Constellation 33.440 Tractor celebrates the synergy in VW Truck & Bus group

• Model puts together MAN’s chassis and driving set with Volkswagen’s cabin, combining global solutions
• Rear shafts with hub reduction are more robust and ideal for high-performance applications in off-road heavy transport
• Brazilian and German engineering departments worked as a team in the first synergy project by holding VW Truck & Bus

MAN’s chassis robustness and the renowned cabin of the VW Constellation family arrive at Fenatran’s 21st edition combined in a single prototype: The VW Constellation 33.440 Tractor.

The project is a pioneer for intensively using the synergy of holding VW Truck & Bus, combining Brazilian and German engineering on the search for the best solution for an application in the sugarcane segment, to transport sugarcane from the field to the mill, and in the forestal segment, transporting reforested wood.

The result is a model tailor-made for off-road tracks, with high load capacity, chassis robustness and comfort in operation.

It also features rear shafts with hub reduction, which makes this prototype more robust and ideal for high-performance applications in heavy transport.

The MAN D2676 engine generates 440 hp and 2,200 Nm torque. It features 16-speed ZF automated transmission. The 515-liter fuel tank capacity is appropriate for operation and it features a 125 ton CMT (maximum traction capacity).

There are brake drums in the front and rear wheels, extending durability in dust and dirt tracks, with the safety of the ABS (which keeps the wheel from being blocked and sliding off when the brake pedal is abruptly stepped on), EBD (works combined with the ABS system and its function is to distribute the braking force among the vehicle’s wheels), ATC (which keeps the wheels from sliding) systems and EasyStart, to aid starting in gradient.

Bulletproof comfort: VW Constellation 25.420 is presented with pneumatic suspension

• Prelaunch was conceived for sensitive and optimized load, with 30 pallets

• Its advantages are production and load volume increase

VW Caminhões e Ônibus brings a great novelty for sensitive and optimized load with the prelaunch of the VW Constellation 25.420 with pneumatic suspension.

With full air rear pneumatic suspension, it features eight airsprings with electro-pneumatic suspender of the auxiliary shaft and electronic level control system. The result is a vehicle ideal to supply the sensitive load demand, which needs more comfort during transport.

Another news included in this set is the Pusher-type support axle, placed in front of the drive axle, and wheel base of2,800 mm to supply the 30 pallets demand for the semi-truck setting with three conventional or spaced shafts.

Even with smaller wheel base, the option with pneumatic suspension presents the same fuel tank capacity of the renowned VW Constellation 25.420 6x2 (615 liters), ensuring best productivity.

It features a 420 hp and 1,850 Nm torque Cummins ISL engine. Automated 16-speed ZF transmission and the GCWGCW (Gross Vehicle Combined Weight) reaches up to 53 tons or 57-ton maximum tractive force.

The vehicle also features an onboard scale, a system that reads the load on axles, presenting the values on a display installed in the driver’s cabin.

In addition to reading the load on axle, the vehicle also offers the driver with aid options during operation, such as optimizing vehicle traction, load distribution on axles and adjustment of the height of the fifth wheel to make tractor-trailer coupling operations easier.

VW Constellation 17.280 Tractor increases efficiency with version 4x2 without Adblue

• This headline is the only truck-tractor in the market that doesn’t require Adblue, featuring MAN D08 engine with EGR system

• Model reduces the cost per ton carried.

The great competition of the market segment makes load carriers search more and more for efficiency in operation. Currently, one of the fastest-growing applications is the use of 4x2 truck-tractors coupled with two-axle semi-trucks for segments like general load, dry load and agricultural products. To supply this increasing demand in the market, VW Caminhões presents the Constellation 17.280 Tractor.

The launch is versatile and offers many advantages to the client, being the main one the engine MAN D08, which doesn't require Adblue – only truck-tractor in the market with this characteristic. With 280 hp, the propeller features Common-rail injection system: The most modern, precise and simplest, with the least complicated maintenance procedures.

The high maximum torque in a wide rotation range offers less speed shifts and easier serviceability.

The manual transmission with 9 synchronized speeds ensures the best conditions to find the most adequate speed for each operation situation and increases fuel savings.

Another highlight is the EVB cylinder head brake, reducing the need to use service brakes, maintenance costs and, at the same time, increasing safety in operation and durability of the service brake’s components.

The vehicle’s running weight is reduced, with the advantage of increasing load capacity transported by run and reducing the cost per ton transported.

Constellation family debuts Robustness package, with new looks and ready for heavy work

The Constellation family debuts the Robustness package, which gives the models a makeover and increases their vocation for heavy work with the best purchase cost.

Available from January 2018, the Robust package joins the renowned Trend and Prime lines. Available for the version Constellation Extended Cab, it brings the robustness required by those who need a truck with durability and low investment cost.

Thanks to the new short and metallic bumper design, the Constellation Robustness models will have bigger entry angle, which increases their ability to face the most challenging tracks.

The Robustness package will be available for the Constellation Line, models 13.190, 15.190, 17.190, 17.230 and 23.230.

The “Vocational” Family will also feature the Robustness version for Compactor, Distributor and Constructor Constellation 17.260, 24.260 and 26.260 lines, in addition to 190 and 230 hp versions.

VW Constellation 15.230 4x4: traction used in the military segment debuts in the civilian market for mixed and off-road applications

The clients asked for it and VW Caminhões heard them: Originally developed for military operations, the trucks with 4x4 traction now hit the civilian market, with the VW Constellation 15.230 4x4.

Stressing robustness, load capacity and versatility to run in almost any type of track, the model is equipped with MAN D08 225 hp and 850 Nm torque engine, as well as manual transmission by Eaton. Its ability to take on any challenge comes to life with a rear shaft with locking differential, a system that can be actuated by a button on the panel, to aid in low-adherence tracks, in addition to tires specific for full traction.

Focused on offering the best TCO, VW Constellation 30.280 V-Tronic gets standard 8x2 traction

The Constellation family is extending the total number of models with standard 8x2 traction. After the 30.330, now it is the 30.280’s turn to also become an original 8x2, aimed at medium and long-distance road applications.

VW Caminhões e Ônibus increased its portfolios to supply the market's demands for vehicles with more load carried per run, in addition to rigid trucks migrating from version 6x2 to version 8x2. The result is an increase in productivity, essential for the operation’s profitability.

Constellation 24.330 and 30.330 V-Tronic: more GCW for more productivity

Two VW Constellation models debut at Fenatran to boost productivity: The 24.330 and the 30.330 V-Tronic, both presenting Total Combined Gross Weight (GCW) of 45 tons. Also, this update opens new applications in the 6x2 version: The model now can operate rigid truck + trailer configuration.

Available in three cabin versions, the models are equipped with 334 hp and 1,450 Nm torque Cummins ISL 330 engine, and V-Tronic automated transmission, 12-speed ZF.

Vocational line “Compactor” makes advances in passenger comfort and operational cost reduction with pneumatic rear suspension

The Compactor family, the most complete residue collection line in the market, takes the lead in operational comfort with the launch of the pneumatic rear suspension for the model Constellation 17.260, in addition to the version 8x2 for 19 m3 compactor box.

In addition to making advances in driver and passenger comfort, the novelty offers reduction in operational costs thanks to the increase in rear suspension system durability in the rugged asphalt of big cities, lower maintenance cost, more control and better load distribution and online weighing availability.

The Full Air suspension system allows controlling load distribution for the axles and measuring the collection, in addition to improving the vehicle’s drivability and comfort. This is possible because of ELC (Electronic Leveling Control) technology. This technology performs suspension parametrization and allows monitoring load at collectors, distributing this load over the axles and controlling its weight via onboard computer.

With this, it is possible to increase the durability in the suspension system and tires and accurately control overload or underload, thus making the fleet more productive.

The technology is available for models Constellation 17.260 4x2 and 8x2 and Constellation 24.260 6x2. Also, there is the brand new Robustness Package, which brings the robustness required by anyone who needs a truck with durability and low investment cost.

All this with features that are already established in the market: seat for three passengers, now with head rest, automatic transmission, front shaft with reinforced edges and suspension, rear shaft reinforced with simple ratio, version 6x2, vertical exhaust system, among others.

Civil construction gets two vehicles ready for work: Constellation 32.360 V-Tronic and Constellation 24.260 Constructor Dumper

The great novelty of the construction segment has a name and is more than enough qualified for the job: The Constellation 32.360 arrives with V-Tronic automated transmission, rear shaft with cubic reduction and also supplies for the 6x4 off-road segment. Also ideal for earthwork, it is equipped with Cummins ISL 360 engine, with 360 hp and 1,600 Nm torque. It also features 16-speed ZF automated transmission.

It is equipped with brake drums repositioned to the upper part in the rear axle. Thus, its durability in dust and dirt tracks is extended, with the safety of ABS, EBD and ATC systems, in addition to EasyStart to aid in gradient tracks.

The Constellation 24.260 Constructor Dumper is another distinguished newcomer: A 6x2 aimed at earthwork and mining support operations, with metallic bumpers, new engine calibration, Eaton transmission box, rear shaft with double ratio and mixed-use tires. It is an operation entry truck, tailor-made for application with the best operational cost in the segment.

Field worker: intended for the sugarcane segment, Constellation 31.330 debuts ten-speed transmission

Supplying the demands from the field, VW presents its newest representative in the sugarcane segment: the VW Constellation 31.330, with unforeseen and exclusive ten-speed Eaton FTS gearbox.

With several customizable items, this is one of the most complete vocational trucks and it also perfectly supplies the severe sugarcane harvest demands, as well as being able to perform specific support applications, like fire-extinguishing and others.

Its robustness package is composed of over 20 items, among which: Front grid, radiator protector, tail light protector, acclimatizer, power plug, rear linkage, mains switch, rear mirror extension and others.

MAN TGX 29.480 Crossover: luxury vehicle robustness and sophistication

Aimed at mixed operations that demand traveling on roads and off-road tracks, the TGX Crossover matches the reliability and robustness of MAN’s tractor trucks to the specific demands of the forestal and sugarcane segments.

Ideal for long-distance road applications requiring superior average speed with up to 74 ton GCW, it provides more comfortable drives with the most modern and sophisticated in load transport, with comfort and safety levels that could be compared to luxury cars.

With elevation in the front and rear suspensions, spare fifth wheel and installation of a kit that includes components such as headlight protectors, special supports for shock absorbers, radiator protection, among others, the MAN TGX 29.480 Crossover also features a comfortable cabin, which offers excellent comfort level for the driver. Cabin suspension with 4 pneumatic bags minimizes vibration transfer from the floor to the inside of the cabin.

The vehicles are also added with a new lightning system to comply with the current legislation and generate savings for the client. The traditional lion symbol, which marks MAN’s trucks, now has a black background to emphasize its features and robustness. In the internal part, the steering wheel also got new looks in the same line as the frontal grid panel to add to the logo change.

Cabin interior brings light colors to increase driver's comfort. Ivory is the predominant tone on the instrument panel, coatings and doors, as well as on the curtains. The changes provide a lighter environment for professionals who spend hours of their days within the cabin.

New Delivery family: tailor-made for modernity

• Volkswagen arrives at the competitive 3.5 ton segment
• New Delivery has models of up to 13 tons in different versions

Fenatran marks the official debut of the New Delivery family, which arrives to revolutionize freight distribution in the segment of light trucks. Developed and produced in Latin America, the launch is, from the start, in compliance with international standards for the most demanding markets. Composed by models from 3.5 to 13 tons, the fleet is ready to take over the world: It was born from the first Delivery line’s successful formula and the experience from owners of the over 100 thousand units produced. And it was listening to its customers that Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus now launches a series of products tailor-made for modernity.

The launch, result of an investment of over R$ 1 billion, marks Volkswagen’s debut in the challenging 3.5 ton market with a model called “Express”. The product combines features of a heavy truck, such as internal space and robustness, in a small vehicle with all the comfort and drivability of a car. Its modern design is another differentiator. The 4 ton Delivery is another great bet among the new family’s entry models.

The new 6, 9 and 11 ton Delivery models arrive with enough features to take on the difficult mission of excelling the currently available – and incredibly successful – Delivery models in the Latin American market. And the launch of the 13.180, with a third axle, adds to the new set presenting the new portfolio’s highest load capacity.

The new models arrive in three versions: City (the entry version); Trend (tailor-made for the most varied daily operations); and Prime, which brings exclusive visual and comfort features. Also, the cabins offer six-year anti-corrosion warranty.

The new Delivery family was designed, developed and tested in Latin America, in compliance with global certification and quality standards, which ensures it can be exported to several destinations, including the over 30 countries that already bet on the tailor-made robustness of VW Caminhões e Ônibus.

From next year on, Brazil’s neighboring countries will start selling the new vehicles with regional launch events. South American countries will be the first to receive this new hit and VW Caminhões e Ônibus will thus enter into the most representative market segment in the region: vehicles under 5 tons.

Also within the internationalization strategy, the new line of products will have options of engines in compliance with Euro III and V emission standards, according with the laws and requirements for each market.

Get to know all the models in the new family

Express, 4.150, 6.160, 9.170, 11.180 and 13.180

Delivery Express

Tailor-made for urban distribution combining the agility of cars in quick maneuvers with the robustness of trucks. It can be driven with a non-professional driver license, and circulates in places where truck traffic is restricted, which is a characteristic of the large urban centers. The single tires on its rear axle are also a benefit, ensuring road tolls at the same price charged for cars. It features a 2.8 liter Cummins ISF engine with EGR after-treatment technology, which does not require AdBlue. It reaches 150 hp and a maximum torque of 360 Nm in a broad range of rotations to ensure fast recoveries and agility in urban distribution, with the best power and torque in the segment. Specifically for this model, a set of driver and both passenger air bags were fully developed by the Resende Engineering team. The passenger air bag is the largest in Brazil, with 160l, and coupled with pre-tensioned safety belts it is sure to offer best in class safety protection.

Delivery 4.150

Another début of a Volkswagen truck, the model enters a segment not previously explored by the automaker already with the possibility of financing by Finame. Agile in recoveries and comfortable for the “stop-and-go” of cities, the New Delivery 4.150 features a 2.8 liter Cummins ISF engine and 150 hp, with EGR after-treatment technology which does not require AdBlue. The manual transmission ESO-4106 is combined with the powertrain set, also providing the best power and torque in the segment.

Delivery 6.160

One of the models arriving with the mission of keeping Volkswagen at the top of the ranking of best-selling trucks in Brazil presents nothing short of a great set of features. With the best maneuverability of the segment, the model features a large and comfortable cabin, ESO-4206 six-gear gearbox and 2.8l Cummins ISF engine with SCR solution for after treatment, 160 hp and maximum torque of 430 Nm. With important operational advantages over competition, it delivers full agility for urban distribution requiring higher load capacity.

Delivery 9.170

Each component of the new Delivery 9.170 was developed with state-of-art materials and the result is a highly sustainable model, with weight reduction by 10% when compared to its predecessor and, consequently, culminating in more fuel savings, less emissions and higher load capacity. It features 3.8 liter Cummins ISF engine and SCR technology, with ideal robustness for each application, maximum torque of 600Nm and 165 hp. It also features six-gear ESO-6106 manual transmission. The model will also offer automated transmission.

Delivery 11.180

Indicated for urban distribution with agility, speed in short and medium-distance road services, the new Delivery 11.180 combines reliability, robustness and the best performance in the segment. It features a 3.8 liter Cummins ISF engine and SCR technology, with maximum torque of 600 Nm and 175 hp, with manual transmission ESO-6106. The model will also feature automated transmission.

Delivery 13.180

First model of the new family featuring third axle, this is the truck with the highest load capacity in the new Delivery family. With custom-made robustness and flexibility, it serves several applications, designed in compliance with the Urban Delivery Vehicles (VUC in Portuguese) city circulation laws where there is traffic restriction. It features a 3.8 liter Cummins ISF engine and SCR technology, with maximum torque of 600 Nm and 175 hp and with manual transmission ESO-6206. The model will also offer automated transmission.

Quality assurance: clients from all over Brazil and Latin America participate in the launch

Over one thousand guests will visit MAN Latin America’s stand at Fenatran for a genuine experience with brands Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and MAN. Among the activities, in addition to sessions to present the new trucks, these guests will take guided visits to the stand and enjoy countless opportunities to evaluate the products and interact with the novelties.

The schedule involves customers from all over the world, dealers, importers and authorities. To surprise its visitors, MAN Latin America’s stand – the biggest in the show and also the biggest in the automaker’s history in this event – will even have a “talking truck” that can answer questions about the factory, products and other doubts, virtual technical delivery, among other great news. However, the big differential will be test-driving, exclusive for the automaker.

Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus has closed test track

Exclusive test-drive for the New Delivery family, in a closed circuit at the Brazilian Paralympic Center, right next to the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, where the show will be hosted, is among the surprises that MAN Latin America is preparing for this 21st edition of Fenatran.

The test-drive track has approximately one kilometer and will be open to audience upon advanced scheduling at the exclusive desk in MAN Latin America’s stand. The visitors will be taken from the place where the event is being hosted to the Paralympic Center by bus.

The vehicles available for test-drive are the new Delivery family's trucks: Delivery Express, Delivery 4.150, Delivery 6.160, Delivery 9.170, Delivery 11.180 and the automated Delivery 11.180 V-Tronic.

Also, the visitors will be able to check out some of the vehicles that stand out in the show and which will only be in the track circuit: Constellation 31.330 Sugarcane harvester with Eaton FTS box; Constellation 17.280 Tractor with pneumatic suspension; Constellation 15.230 4x4; and the Constellation 30.280 V-Tronic.

Another attraction will be the application that simulates total costs of operation (TCO) comparisons among the members of the Delivery family, available at the test-drive circuit. The system is able to measure the cost per kilometer run in the most diverse applications and act as support to fleet consultancy.

The aim is to promote reduction of operational cost, analyzing which of the models better serves a specific operation, optimizing the Delivery family’s performance in any type of work.

New Delivery family in details

Global robustness and uniqueness

The new Delivery generation was designed and developed to become a new benchmark in customer satisfaction, combined with remarkable Volkswagen values: tailor-made solutions, robustness, reliability and attractive design. Thus, Volkswagen's Commercial Vehicles Design team created a new logic design language focused on functionality and unique aesthetics.

The clean design lines and the high focus on details, such as in passenger car designs, are remarkable innovative features in the segment. At the same time, the products represent the strength, robustness and high quality of Volkswagen products. The exterior is structured on a robust base with bumper, headlights and the body displaying strong design features and a proud brand image.

The interior roominess is another benchmark, based on latest vehicle standards and dimensions. To ensure this, a wide requirement matrix was continuously checked on design models to improve ergonomics for driver and passengers comfort. Therefore, all interior parts and cabin dimensions were designed to find the best solutions. As a result, the new Delivery offers a cabin space benchmark within the 3.5t – 13t segment.

Chassis, engine and driver ergonomics were developed to reach the best compromise for product and customer needs, resulting in a brand new vehicle, ready for the present and the future. Aerodynamics and performance have a strong presence in this project: Thanks to the team work performed by the Digital Design and Engineering Departments, it was possible to conceive a new family full of innovations all around.

Other functional elements such as air deflectors are naturally integrated with visual features from the door to the front grill and headlights.

The DNA of the new Delivery line carries features of the Constellation family: a strong identity, which can be instantly recognized on the road or in the city.

A new world when you enter the cabin

With the largest internal space in the segment, the new Delivery cabin combines the most innovative features regarding ergonomics, comfort, internal roominess and robustness. Not by chance, its development started from the inside out: Its initial premises were driving position, steering wheel grip, seat height adjustment, instrument dashboard, storage space and enough room to quickly pass from driver to passenger seat.

Once inside, the driver has an entirely new experience when reaching the cockpit. The seats were conceived using different dimensions, considering occupants with different heights and physiques, so driving could be comfortable for everyone.

The seats are made with high-resistance, water-repellent and easy-to-clean fabrics. They are dark-colored and ideal for daily use. Even the pedals position and ergonomics were designed to reduce driver’s efforts.

The cabin has a new tilting system easily actuated by a lever located in its interior. It provides more safety and comfort during maintenance.

Everything at hand

The instrument dashboard emphasizes the modular concept, which allows the operator to easily organize devices such as radio, tachograph and specific equipment for each operation. Like with the cold box body temperature, for instance, which must be monitored while the driver is paying attention to the road. Also, the New Delivery has as a standard feature wiring harnesses prepared for the installation of radio, speakers and air climatizer installation without compromising its original characteristics.

A series of storage spaces makes it easier for the driver to organize things, including holders that can fit up to up to two-liter bottles. The folding backrest of the center seat serves as a table that assists drivers to take notes or to have quick meals in-between delivery activities.

The air conditioning system complies with the most demanding technical requirements. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the unit, it presents high and fast cabin-cooling capacity and ventilation with intense airflow. In addition to comfort, the system allows the windshield to be quickly defogged, which is a safety requirement.

Everything on sight

On the dashboard, browsing through the menu in the instrument cluster, the driver can follow either vehicle, travel or engine information. Besides that, he/she can also set comfort functions, such as windshield wiper speed, power door locks and alert sound level. Another possibility is to check the “diagnosis” menu. The econometer function is a new feature: it indicates whether the driving behavior is saving fuel.

The multifunctional headlight was completely redesigned following the vehicle’s modern lines, combining high and low beam, frontal direction indicator and frontal position light. The polycarbonate lens offer maximum protection against crashes and stones. The indicator lamps have LED technology, which indicates and outlines side driving, thus providing better illumination and longer service life.

Outside, a truck; inside, a passengers car

Urban drivability

Drivability and passenger car comfort combined with truck robustness: that is the new Delivery’s secret, tailor-made for urban operation. As soon as the driver enters the truck, he/she can already feel that the model is custom-made - the steering wheel presents angular and depth adjustments as well as smaller diameter. The steering adjustment makes operation easier and provides passenger car ergonomics.

The maneuverability also stands out as the best of the market for this segment, thanks to the wider steering angle and better maneuvering in narrow roads.

More savings, more power

The clients’ demands also included the powertrain of the new family, which improved calibrations enhancing diesel and AdBlue economy, coupled with superior performance. The economic driving mode on the dashboard is another novelty presented by the Delivery family: The driver can follow the indications of the ideal moments to shift gears, which protects components against wear while optimizing fuel consumption.

Powertrain design was modernized reducing weight by at least 10%. This yields more load capacity. With this and other improvements in suspension, brakes and shafts, the new models can carry at least 400kg more than its predecessors.

The Delivery Express and the 4.150, the only ones in the line featuring EGR technology, are the supreme reference regarding the distinctive features offered by the line: They present the best power and torque in their segments.

Equipped with the 2.8 liter Cummins ISF engine, the vehicles reach 150 hp and maximum torque of 360 Nm in a broad range of engine rpms to ensure quick recoveries, agility and lower fuel consumption in urban deliveries.

The Delivery 6.160 is also equipped with a 2.8l Cummins ISF engine, but this time with SCR after-treatment solution, which is already a traditional feature in its segment. Its power reaches 160 hp and maximum torque of 430 Nm.

The 9, 11 and 13 ton vehicles are equipped with the 3.8 liter Cummins ISF and SCR technology, with ideal robustness for each application. All three register maximum torque of 600 Nm, with power ranging from 165 to 175 hp.

The reduction in engine weight is mainly due to the replacement of cast iron by aluminum on the flywheel carcass, but also by the smaller dimension of the component, which interacts more efficiently with the clutch.

In this item, there are even more innovations: The larger clutch disc in the 9 to 13-ton models grants less wear and, consequently, longer durability. A standout on its own, the new series of turbo chargers allows reaching maximum torque in lower rotations, which leads to an increase of the peak torque range delivered by the engine.

Strength to overcome any challenge

The new Delivery debuts four entirely new manual transmission versions, in addition to the automated option. Custom-developed by Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus and Eaton’s Engineering Departments for each type of application, the gearboxes now present six speeds and other features resulting in more comfortable shifting, as well as reduced weight. Its configuration allows better scaling, more fuel savings and more comfort for the driver.

Assembled with 100%-aluminum carcasses, they are also lighter than the previous cast iron ones, which provides more load capacity and benefits productivity. The weight of the transmission set can be up to 50% lighter in the versions from 3.5 to 6 tons, in comparison with the current Delivery 5.150.

This component also stands out in maintenance. It brings a modular design to facilitate replacing specific parts and generating even more savings to fleet customers. Another advantage is its long service life. Three years of development were required to reach a tailored solution for each application.

The new Delivery Express and the 4.150 are equipped with an ESO-4106 gearbox, while the 6 ton features an ESO-4206 model. The new 9 to 11-ton vehicles feature the ESO-6106 gearbox, and the 13.180 comes with the ESO-6206 gearbox. There will also be the option of automated transmission for 9, 11 and 13 ton vehicles based on the manual version, which will provide more comfort to the driver. The item is under final development.

Manufactured in Brazil, the new transmissions combine Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus’ knowhow in severe applications for emerging countries with Eaton’s expertise, which has its light vehicles global excellence center in the country.

Best total cost of ownership

Custom-made for distribution efficiency

The new Delivery family arrives to offer the best total cost of ownership (TCO) in the segment. The trucks were “built on the scale", aiming at maximum optimization of their load capacity, in addition to providing more fuel savings and less wear in components.

The chassis of the new Delivery family combines robustness and lightness: with new materials, it brings together mass reduction and load capacity increase. For example, this is the first time the brand uses aluminum cross members, present in the Delivery Express. The front and rear axles also present higher load capacity.

The disposition of the diesel and AdBlue tanks brings a more compact set, granting more space in the chassis and reducing weight and volume.

With a defined hole pattern, the highlight of the chassis is its flexibility. It maintains the originality, but also makes body installation easier and faster.

The independent front suspension, present on 3.5 to 6-ton models, increases comfort onboard. The suspension for 9 and 11 tons also stands out. It is built with parabolic springs, which are fine-tuned to deliver comfort and robustness.

The brake system brings discs for 3.5 to 6-ton models and drum for 9 to 13 ton models. These are custom-made solutions for the stop-and-go in urban centers, which also features ABS and EBD as series items.

The wheels were optimized to gain load capacity while maintaining the same technical performance characteristics.

High technology in materials

The production of the new Delivery uses the most innovative materials, aligned with the global evolution in the segment of raw materials, bringing weight savings and sustainability to the automotive industry, combining high-resistance and lower-thickness steels in addition to novel engineered plastics. The result is a highly sustainable model: With curb weight reductions of around 10% in comparison to its predecessor, which then improves fuel consumption.

The vehicle also uses eco-friendly materials, which is the case of the organic fiber coatings presenting jute in their composition. In addition, 90% of its composition is recyclable due to the use of steel and polypropylene plastic parts.

Moreover, it has more than enough technology: the outer sun visor of the new Delivery family uses state-of-art Cycoloy plastics in Brazil for the first time. The material is light and highly resistant to weather variations. The new sun visor weighs 3.1 kilos, less than half the 7.2 kilos in the previous model.

The pedals also contribute in reducing the cabin weight. By using engineering plastics instead of steels, they gain resistance while reducing the weight by 30%.

The structure of the cabin is another highlight, because it is reinforced with high-resistance steels that make it safer and more resistant, complying with the strictest European safety requirements (standard ECE R29).

Performance and durability

Easy maintenance

All wear components of the vehicle have optimized service life: From the beginning of the project, each part was developed focusing on TCO, aiming at the vehicles’ best up time. The result are vehicles with more performance and durability, lower maintenance cost, longer intervals between scheduled maintenances and lower number of truck stops.

Qualified after-sales

The effort also required many resources for the dealer network. In addition to on-site training, an exclusively dedicated online platform translated into Portuguese and Spanish is available.

The Training Center currently located in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, offers complete structure, with mock-ups and parts for tests. The aim is to ensure complete service to customers at the brand’s dealers.

Check out the features of the New Delivery – both standard and optional:

  • Air conditioning
  • Air plug for cabin cleaning
  • Power window operation
  • Rear mirrors with electric adjustment
  • Power door locks
  • Preparation for roof air conditioning unit
  • Radio and Speakers can be purchased from Parts & Accessories Department
  • Fog lights
  • Entry step protection cover
  • PTO preparation
  • Cruise Control
  • Driver seat belt sound alarm

Global strategy

At the front row of internationalization

The new Delivery family was designed, developed and tested in Latin America, in compliance with global certification and quality standards, which ensures it can be exported to several destinations, including the over 30 countries that are already served by the custom-made robustness of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.

From next year on, Brazil’s neighboring countries will start selling the new Delivery family with regional launch events. South American countries will be the first to receive the novelty and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus will thus enter into the most representative market segment in the region: vehicles under 5 ton.

Also within the internationalization strategy, the new products line will have engine options in compliance with Euro III and Euro V emission standards, depending on the laws and requirements for each market.

Over 4 million test kilometers

Special test surfaces, urban traffic and roads. Before being launched, the new Delivery family was tested in all types of scenarios in Brazil and all Latin America, adding up to over 4 million kilometers – the largest test ever performed for the launch of a light truck line. New models were submitted to tests in the most severe environments and places: From the test tracks in the Resende plant to the Andes, United States and Europe.

Special sensors and instruments were installed all over the vehicle, which was submitted to the most adverse conditions of traffic to test the durability and robustness of all components such as the frame, brackets, cross members, fuel tank, spare tire bracket, among others.

The new cabin, which promotes a revolution in terms of internal roominess and comfort, was submitted to several tests – among which, the cab shake, where the cabin is submitted to rough movement in lab tests, in addition to checking the safety of the passengers in several types of crash tests.

And with the complete vehicle, it was also submitted to thermal aging tests in climatic chamber, where sudden temperature and humidity increases and decreases cycles were applied to measure the durability of internal and external finishing components.

Defrost and defog tests were performed at low temperatures with the aim of testing the capacity of the air conditioning and ventilation systems at extreme conditions, in which safety could be compromised by low visibility.

The new Delivery family was also tested in the Andes: In Chile, the vehicles were submitted to traffic conditions at -10°C temperatures, in altitudes of up to 4500m above sea level, condition necessary to test the engine’s behavior when submitted to the most adverse conditions.

Manufacture 4.0 – a new production concept

The new Delivery is also a synonym of technological leap in its manufacture process. Thirty-eight new robots grant a 60% automation level for the cabin framing, being responsible for 2,500 weld points, in addition to 170 measurement points. This means over 120 new pieces of equipment, including large ones, for assembly at the final line. It is the Manufacture 4.0 concept gaining strength and ground at the Resende plant.

The automatic vehicle recognition technology is predominant. Each new cabin comes with a chip so the robots can identify its model and therefore welding points. At the final line, the nutrunners and the assembly support equipment also virtually receive the same information so the torque and other settings are exact for the model and provide traceability so the entire process will be safer.

Investment to become more modern

Smart factory

To support this technological advance, the automaker extended its built area in almost 5,000 square meters. The cabin framing building, where the new robots are, was extended by 30% and incorporates sustainability concepts in its construction, adopting prismatic domes at its roof – a type of modern skylight – to favor natural illumination, which replaces the equivalent to 114 400 watts lamps, thus reducing power consumption.

Other large investments were made at the final assembly building, with the independent suspension alignment equipment and a robot to attach windshields and rear windshields, following a global trend in automotive industry. The airbag also deserves attention, with space controlled due to the necessary safety requirements.

Automation in Resende

The investment in modernization corresponds to about R$ 190 million, or 20% of the total amount applied in the project. Before that, the plant had 12 robots and this structure was quadrupled. Now, it has 50 pieces of equipment. It is state-of-art technology matched with the most modern in European production lines.

Innovation is also present all over the plant’s operations. There are robots moving between two points in the line, working on different areas. In another function, the equipment is responsible for applying structural glue.

One hundred percent of the cabins are measured at the assembly line to ensure welding patterns and the over 170 points evaluated by the robots themselves, which send the information to the plant's metrology lab in real time.

The entire production planning was made to grant flexibility and integration, resulting in the efficient management of this smart factory.

Training on the job

For the perfect synchronicity in the project of this new Delivery, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus invested on the training of its employees, partners and sales force. The plant devoted a specific area to passing on that knowledge. It is called Pilot Plant, aimed at simulating and adjusting the entire assembly process before the new vehicles arrive at the final production line.

In this area, the vehicles were especially prepared to be assembled until the entire process was 100% tuned. Months before starting its production, the new Delivery was presented to operators to ensure the efficiency of manufacture. This logic was used for the entire chain: quality inspectors, who certify the vehicles before they are released to the client, and the technical assistance engineering team, which aid the market with doubts during operation.

All this work required a lot of preparation, from the first virtual model, with about 150 people qualified over more than 300 hours to give trainings to all participants of the Modular Consortium.

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